Professional Aircon Cleaning Process

It is not hard to keep your aircon in great shape so that it will provide you and your family with cold, clean air for years. There are simple things that you can do such as ensure it is put on a professional maintenance service. A few visits each year from your local AC experts will have it cleaned, filters changed, and have it inspected for any potential problems.

This will save you money on unexpected repairs. It will save you hours of inconvenience waiting for a service technician during the busy season when your unit does unexpectedly stop cooling. Routine maintenance is often as simple as vacuuming coils and replacing filters.

A more intensive step requires a professional aircon cleaning. An aircon chemical cleaning starts with a call to your local servicing expert. When they arrive, they will dismantle the unit. The front cover will be removed or other covers will be removed so that the inner units can be cleaned with the special wash.

Your air conditioner will be cleaned using vacuums to clear the inside and outside coils. Filters will also be replaced when the job is complete. All of the inner parts get washed with a special solution so that every component is freed of debris, bacteria, and dirt.

Dirt and debris are common culprits of clogs that bring on leaks and future breakdowns. With a chemical wash, everything that could be causing problems is removed and sanitized.

The system will perform like new and the air it produces will be healthier to breathe in. Your refrigerant will also be topped off. A good chemical wash will help any system perform better all the way around.

If your AC has not been cooling, as usual, it will once the cleaning process has occurred. There are many benefits to getting chemical cleanings. The process can remove prior leaks due to clogs in the drains and pipes.

When the unit is working properly, it will save you money on cooling costs. Sometimes a unit that does not cool seems like it needs to be replaced. You may not need to do something this drastic. A good cleaning will help it cool properly and that will allow you to get many more years of use from it. Before considering a replacement, call for a cleaning.

You can also ask your aircon service to provide you with routine cleanings and maintenance. For a low, predictable price you can have your system cleaned regularly about twice a year. This will also be done at your convenience as you will have pre-arranged appointments that you do not need to wait long for due to overbookings in the busy, hot months.

Besides quality service, ask your air con technician about a warranty. Most service professionals offer about 90 days’ worth of a guarantee for any work that has been done on your unit.

Keep your home smelling fresh, feeling cool and feeling comfortable. Get a routine cleansing done so your system runs longer, more efficiently and more safely.