Getting A Reliable Aircon Cleaning Service in Singapore

When we first transferred to our new office in Jurong East, one of our biggest concerns was our access to service shops. Our new location is admittedly less strategic compared to the office in the city central. Fortunately for us, we found Billy Aircon Specialist as one of our trusted partners to ensure that our cooling system can keep up with our operations and Singapore’s erratic weather.

Since we bought new aircons for the office, we availed of the units’ warranty, which already included free aircon cleaning. However, the specialists that handled us the first time told us that it may not be possible for them to constantly service us. This is why we decided to look for other Aircon services reviews around Singapore. Billy Aircon Service has been handling our aircon needs in the past three years. Location was not a problem for them since their coverage is really in the entire Singapore.

One thing that we really liked from them is that no service request is too small for then. Whether its for a regular maintenance cleaning or a more major service like chemical wash, Billy Aircon Specialists are always happy to deliver, even if we are located far off from the city center.

You see, this is one of the things that you need to watch out for when looking for any service provider. Those who readily understand the needs of their clients, and are willing to adjust to either location, budget, and requirements. Some of the services that we’ve recently tried from Billy Aircon are:

Chemical Wash : One of our older AC units was already having all sorts of problem, from making noise, to inefficient cooling. We were already considering to just replace it, but out specialist recommended to us in one of our cleaning appointments with them to give chemical wash a try. Now, the unit is functioning like it used to from three or four years ago! After it’s first chemical wash, it only needed basic maintenance.

Aircon Installation: Apart from unit maintenance, the team also has experts on aircon installation. So we gladly tapped their expertise to install the new units in our office. Similar to our previous provider, they also offer warranty for this units and service for one year.

Repair and Maintenance: This is one of the most regular services that we avail from the company. They conduct aircon cleaning for us at least once every six months to keep all the units functioning efficiently.

Billy Aircon specialist also caters to residential clients in Singapore, at similar competitive prices. For more information, you can visit billy’s facebook.

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