Activities Schedule

Dates Attempted

Description Place / Date
Export to Win: “Innovation for Internationalization”
Organized by SELA-IBERPYME Program, Venezuela Competitiva and FUNDES Venezuela Caracas Venezuela

10/10/2008 to 10/10/2008

Internet Marketing and Business Strategies for SMEs
Organized by the SELA-IBERPYME Program, DINAPYME and the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay

10/14/2008 to 10/14/2008

XIII Iberoamerican Forum of Guarantee and Financing Systems for Micro and SMEs
Organized by SELA-IBERPYME, SEBRAE, IBERAVAL, ALIDE and REGAR Salvador, Brazil

10/16/2008 to 10/17/2008

III Fundes Forum: “Strengthening the SME Agenda for Latin America”
Organized by FUNDES Internacional and SELA-IBERPYME Program Caracas Venezuela

10/23/2008 to 10/23/2008

VI International Congress of Social Responsibility
Organized by COMPITE and several organizations. Sponsored by the SELA-IBERPYME Program. Mexico City, Mexico DF

10/29/2008 to 10/29/2008